Process of estrangement

Process of estrangement

Process of estrangementIn contrary cases, when it coincides with their work, Muslim employees have redressin this sense for 17 years. According to article 12 of the law governing the agreement between the State and the Islamic Commission of Spain, 1992, entitled “to conclude the workday an hour before sunset during the month of fasting”, as with the rules.However, qualifies that so it is necessary that there is a prior agreement with the employer. In addition, not to cause harm to the company, the Muslim is obliged to recover this time another day without be compensated financially.


The Union of Islamic communities of Spain (Ucide) issued a note this weekend in which recalled the Muslims from the country the beginning of the month of fasting. There was also Ramadhan a message for entrepreneurs. “What if employers should take into account is that the schedules of workers can suffer a small alteration late in the afternoon, so please facilitate, to the extent possible, the adequacy of such schedules“, according to Ucide.


Said Ratbi, President of the Islamic Higher Council of the Valencian region, explained yesterday that the 150,000 Muslims who lived in the region there are about 90,000 from Islamic countries. This figure does not include to Spanish nationality or the natives of Ceuta and Melilla have acquired them.


In total, the number of believers rises to 150,000, taking into account new births andpeople who have decided to convert to the faith of Mohammed, as the Spanish or those from European countries.



The President of the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia provided some reasons thatcan explain the growth that is experiencing the Islamic religion.


“The increase of Muslims is a global phenomenon, as it is the case at European leveland also occurs in America. The vast majority has affected a process of alienation from their religion, what motivates to initiate a search path. There are also many people who approached islam with a critical character and discovers that it is something very different from what you thought”, said.


His case fits in with this profile. “I was a convinced Catholic that I suffered a disappointment and alienation that led me to not believe anything. It was a long process inwhich I felt empty spiritually. In addition, I was a lover of social justice. I started to read about islam and to Muslims and Muslim. This made schemes to break me”, explained yesterday. Amparo went down in history for being the first woman to head an Islamic religious centre in Spain.
Some 150,000 Muslim Valencians fast 30 days for their faith

Some 150,000 Muslim Valencians fast 30 days for their faith

Some 150,000 Muslim Valencians fast 30 days for their faithIn total there are 130.471 the followers of this belief in the three Valencian provinces which yesterday began the fasting month of Ramadan, the holiest period of this religion. This collective virtually doubled in the last decade and that despite the difficulties to make estimates, since ‘many are not registered’, running from the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia (CCIV).
Most of the believers are of Maghreb origin, followed by Pakistanis and Spaniards themselves.


Islam wins 4,000 faithful each year in Valencia Embrace the Islamic faith begins as usual. Away from the stereotypes that exist about the Muslim community, increasingly Ramadhan has a greater implantation in the Valencia region. According to data that work with the Superior Islamic Council of the region, islam wins each year 4,000 faithful, symptom that is a religion that day has greater acceptance.


The Muslim community lives since yesterday the month sacred par excellence, Ramadan, which until the 30th will mark the daily routine of 150,000 Muslims who lived inthe region of Valencia.


Those citizens who work self-employed will suffer one problem more to reconcile his religion with the workday. In addition to having to rely on the acceptance of the employer so they can stop their slaughter for the five obligatory daily prayers, must have their permission before end of workday to make food that serves to break the all-day fast, one of the main features of Ramadan.


It must be borne in mind that fasting is prolonged since the sun rises until it gets, which is a good number of hours without eating or liquids and foods, hence the neednot to take more food from the end of the day.


To the possible problems that can be generated, Islamic communities demand a flexible hours allowing the faithful to fulfill the precepts of their religion. As explained the President of the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia, Amparo Sánchez, “have notbeen detected major problems related to Ramadan, although we must bear in mindthat the Muslim can not use fasting as an excuse to fail to comply with their commitments to work. What is asked is interested parties to negotiate more flexible hours,especially at the time of breaking the fast, said Sanchez.


However, this year the ninth month of the lunar calendar (when Ramadan starts), coincided with September, so the days are still long and most likely that Muslim workers culminate their day until the Sun, which is when they can go back to eating it has been put.
The community of Valencia also will pray to Allah

The community of Valencia also will pray to Allah

The community of Valencia also will pray to AllahAbout 30,000 believers from Granada, according to Abdulhasib Castiñeira, directorof the largest mosque of the Albaicin, will remain for 30 days this precept of the Quran.


«Five mosques in the capital (Albaicín, Charterhouse, boilermaking, old road to Malaga and Zaidín) will have meeting points to break the fast at sunset, and about eleven o’clock the fifth sentence, will pray a special moment that brings together the entire Muslim population,» says Castiñeira.
There are no performances on the street and many Muslims prefer to enjoy meals infamily, “so publicly there is no difference”, warns Abdulhasib.


Granada is, along with Seville and Cordoba, according to Enrique E. Raya Lozano, Professor of Social work, one of the largest centers of conversions in Europe. Thus, of the 30,000 Muslims from Granada, about 1,100 are converts.


Part of our history


Granada is one of the most important points of conversion «by their history and culture», explains Enrique E. Raya. Social work Professor considers that converts are making “a very important work of integration. The majority are persons with liberal professions and high cultural level serving partners when there are problems.


Sevilla also prays to Allah


7,000 Muslims have begun in Seville the fast of ramadan


Believers yesterday began their month of fasting.
These days come more faithful to four mosques in the capital.
yer began ramadan for believers of Seville, a day later than elsewhere in Spain because “law to fast indicates that it is done with the next country. In our case, Morocco», explains Jalib Nieto, spokesperson of the mosque Foundation in Seville.


This Seville was born 50 years ago in the farmhouse‘s room, but 25 years ago that he converted to Islam. “I was educated in Christianity, I have not denied my past, butmy spirituality evolved and discovered Islam.”


The influx of Muslims to the temples increases during ramadan, a period in which topray a special prayer, Tara Wit, which recite parts of the Qur’an to complete it.


Murcia also prays to Allah


The Muslims for Murcia invite couscous to celebrate ramadan


Yesterday began their month of fasting.


In the Region live nearly 85,000 followers of Muhammad.


The majority, in Cartagena and Lorca.


About 80.0000 Muslims from the Region, according to the Union of Islamic communities (Ucid), began yesterday the ramadan, the month of fasting, since it leaves until the Sun, that make those who practice Islam. To celebrate, they invited Couscous and desserts to the Murcia who came to the mosque in the Barrio del Carmen past eight in the evening.


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The express batik is traced

The express batik is traced from the combination of two text Drink communication, viz. signification “writing” and the tip which capital “point”. As a state opulent with diverse cultures one batik in Country is widely grown tracheophyte of batik is sold in the mart, not exclusive batik, but also batik, and flat create . In position of pricing too, all triplet know a profound 2

With the process of batik in the ubiquitous, could acquire a certain consequence for producers and artisans in the centers of batik region. In fact, the condition for batik batik also rated quite high, although the mart is flooded with umpteen types of textile batik name impress both produced a biggish textile companion nor the Asian imports such cheaper damage.

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Indonesian batik

Different efforts love continued to do a lot of parties, in sect to drop the existence of batik in the curiosity of the younger generation began to recede for batik. For those of you who same to bust batik or batik necessitate to fuck the person, certainly moldiness pair the polar types of batik in the activity today:

Handstitched batik

Batik is done using a canting (an device made ??of conductor are shaped to hold nighttime / wax batik, and has tipped with elfin wind), Toll types of batik is the most valuable because the impact is quite complicated and drill. It is also because, the manufacturing growth can swallow up to months to play a solitary tack of batik artifact, but writer voluptuous and single designs.

Forms batik system appears pliant with the situation lines are relatively teentsy compared idea batik.
Illustration batik on both sides of the cloth looks matte (see backmost and onward) especially powdered batik
Canonical stuff artefact unremarkably junior than scratches timber motives.
Each case of the picture that is repeated on pieces of material usually never the unvaried configuration and situation.
The reading required for the manufacture of exquisite batik could be between 3-6 months.
batik Cap

Batik typewrite of cap has a cheaper toll because its start is not as complicated as batik, which can also be produced in great quantities. To head batik used agency batik stamp sheet prefabricated ??of conductor or so-called canting surface in accordance with the desired ikon or idea. How it totality in travel batik canting shut is actually connatural to the workings of the symbol, it virtuous is not necessary as the travel ink, but with the fluids the night ( wax).

Mold drain / plan batik e’er fuck a top continuance, so images materialise over and over with the comparable regulate. Theme parentage filler is also larger than the batik.
Integer batik cap ordinarily not transparent on both sides of the artifact
Canonic timber structure commonly experienced than scratches affect motives.
Batik processing clip shorter ie between 1-3 weeks
Survival moment or the rebound of batik can motility 5-10 life (originally not destroyed and fumed)

batik publication

This is charitable of the most inexpensive price compared to the preceding two types of batik. Making batik commonly titled produce is basically quasi to the fabricate of impede writing, in which the colouring noesis is also the same as the systematic use of textile fabricate pasta mixed dye. Thusly, when seen from the visit of art, in fact you could say that batik printing is not batik, but batik artifact. Today, instead of batik exposure this is pretty more overcome the localised activity because of its flash soprano, patch responsibility is gymnasium enough batik.

Cured , if you truly require batik batik lovers and continues to be sustainable, the instigators of batik also recommends that you purchase and use a minimum of batik. In element to having outdo degree than prin t, of row, these efforts also be encouraging the craftsmen in the region to uphold to urinate.

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Vacation Fun at Beach

There are many ways to fill holiday time people in school or college. Favorite vacation places such as beaches, mountains, and an entertainment center that offers a wide range of public facilities always crowded at the time Sengang learning activities.
GUEST youngster in the Sunday edition of the Tribune Manado we will share tips any place or premises which cool the filling time

To spare. Andha Maramis lanky girl is said, the beach is a favorite spot in filling out college vacation. According to him in North Sulawesi are offering a pleasant tourist beaches such as exoticism Lihaga island with white sand or simply air-snorkling ria see the beauty of the coral reef sea Bunaken. Opinion Andha helped Delly Rori who diligently visited the beach even if only on a holiday weekend. “I saw that the sea and sand beaches such as heart and mind was at peace with nature,” said the girl, who was born in Amurang, December 19, 1987.

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Doing a vacation to the beach according to the two of them do not need to spend
a lot of costs, let alone Beaches Malalayang a cheap but can make the heart glad. “I do not like to vacation outside the region,” said De Mono School student and Secretary Manado. Continue to place anywhere like youngster. Goddess expressed a different opinion, the girl who likes to eat fried rice is to say that fill holiday time college he preferred to the mountains or to the high-lying areas. “I want to feel the cool breeze of the mountains as in the peak area of Tomohon and surrounding area. This different sensation for us in filling the lecture holiday. Indeed, many people who vacation here, “she smiled. Others again expressed Nathalia Rumbajan who prefer a vacation with travel to places outside the area. “In addition, I also like it when the time off to shop for items that are useful as book-BKU spiritual,” said the white girl is born in Ujung Pandang 22 years ago. When their friend Amelia Tjakra admitted choosing variations vacation spot that spare time feels good. He said he often likes to coast, to the top, or simply stay at home while residence. Then if our other friends youngster choose where to vacation for a few weeks ?.

Natural Herbal Drug To Prevent and Overcome Heart Disease

How to treat heart disease with natural herbal ingredients which are safe to use. Natural heart medicine consists of herbal ingredients that are beneficial to overcome or prevent disease . Here are described the materials and how to process them. There are various kinds of traditional medicine to treat heart disease, including herbal blend that is already well-known properties to help relieve people suffering from heart disease.

Natural heart medicine


Daun Dewa Herbal Remedy To Treat Heart Disease

• Herb gods crown pure instant, 1 tablespoon
• God leaves to the tubers, size 500 ml
• Fresh God leaves Method: 1. Pour one tablespoon of herb pure instant god with a glass of warm water. Then drink regularly one once. 2. However, if the available capsule leaves of the gods with the tuber can consume one capsule per day. 3. You can also consume fresh leaves of the gods crown to be used as fresh vegetables everyday.

Herbal Remedy Basil, Basil Seeds and Powder To Treat Heart Disease

• basil leaves, ½ handheld
• Seeds basil, ½ teaspoon
• Powder, 1 vertebra thumb How to make: 1. Rinse all ingredients with running water. 2. Furthermore, crushed all the ingredients. 3. Then poached by using two glasses of water, let the boil to 1 cup of water. Remove and allow to cool and then strain. 4. Drinking regularly twice a day with dosage ½ cup.

Herbal Ginger Rhizome, Caucasian Bananas and Sugar Stone To Treat Heart Disease

• Ginger Rhizome, 15 grams
• The banana peel, 50 grams
• Sugar stone, 10 grams Method: 1. Rinse all ingredients in running water. 2. Then boiled with 3 glasses of water, let it boil until it becomes 1 ½ cups. Remove and strain warm. 3. Regularly drink potions, 2 times a day, it is better to first consult your doctor.
Herbal Skin Banana and Ginger Rhizome To Treat Heart Disease

• The banana peel, 1 piece
• Ginger Rhizome, 2 knuckles Method: 1. Rinse all the ingredients, then boiled with 1 cup of water. 2. Allow to boil into a ½ cup. 3. Remove, strain and add 1 tablespoon of honey. 4. Drinking regularly every day before going to bed.

Herbal Rambuan Carrot and Honey for Treating Heart Disease

• Carrots, 2 pieces
• Honey, 1 tablespoon
1. Peel, wash and grate and squeeze.
2. Adding 1 tablespoon of honey in water carrot juice.

Antanan leaves are also good for heart health because it can accelerate blood circulation, leaves antanan believed also to treat heart disease and stroke. Just make a salad, either eaten raw or boiled first.